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How to Make a Toddler Activity Kit

Do you have a Toddler Activity Kit? First, what is a Toddler Activity Kit? A Toddler Activity Kit is a collection of supplies and “stuff” to use for toddler activities. It can be a bin, box, bag, etc. And, everything in a Toddler Activity Kit would work for a preschooler too. […]

What is a toddler activity kit? How do I make a toddler activity kit? What else should I get a 1 year old for a birthday present or Christmas? Gift ideas for Big Brothers or Big sisters when a new baby arrives too! Could be used as a preschool activity kit too!

Because moms don't get sick days. 23 toddler activities to help you make it through the day when you're sick and a free printable download

When Mom’s Sick… Survival tips for Moms!

What do we do when we can’t bring our A, B, or C game?   There are NO sick days for moms, so how do we survive without sitting the kids in front of the TV all day or handing them tablets when we’re just not feeling our best and […]