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"A mother's greatest masterpiece is her children."

We beam with pride and snap as many pictures as we can to share them with Grandma and the rest of the family, and all our friends when our littles take their first steps and say their first words.  There’s nothing better than that wonderful feeling of seeing your child learn something new, something she’s been working on for a while. It brings us such joy, pride, and lifts our spirits. It’s possible to keep those good vibes and sense of accomplishment and pride going well into the toddler years when we help our little ones learn new things.

When our days are centered around our toddlers, it’s easy to lose ourselves in motherhood and get bogged down by the mundane day to day activities and tasks. From dishes to dirty diapers, and everything in between, it’s no wonder that we’ve lost sight of the fairy-tale journey through motherhood that we had envisioned and hoped for! Instead of going with the status quo and merely surviving toddlerhood, let’s sprinkle in some fun and excitement to our days!

Imagine walking out of your child’s bedroom each night, knowing that you’re “off” and the next day is planned for you. You just gained some time back in your evening! Are you going to spend it with your husband, curl up with a good book, take a bubble bath, or catch up on your shows?


Oh, the possibilities and the relief that comes with having a plan!


Whatever you decide to do with your evening, you won’t be spending it searching for stuff to do with your toddler, only to click through and see that most of the activities are the same, use supplies that you don’t have, or that they’re too advanced for your little one (why is it so difficult to find good activities for kids before they’re 3!?).

Nope, not you!

You’ll be the mom everyone envies, the one with her feet up at the end of the day, getting in a little bit of that coveted “me” time.  In The Academy, we do activities not typically found on Pinterest, so you’re truly getting new ideas that’ll fit into your daily life and be achievable and entertaining for your 1-3 year old.


When you wake up refreshed the next day, you’ll have captivating activities to participate in with your toddler that don’t require a ton of setup time.  And, over time, your little one will be asking for activities and able to participate in the setup and cleanup.

How do we make this all happen for you?

Be our guest and join us for a virtual play date to find out!

Let’s enjoy a nice latte while our kids have fun exploring simple science together. We’ll talk about how to save you from survival mode. We’ll flip the switch from simply going through the motions to adding fun and pizzazz back into your day with exclusive activities just for moms of toddlers in The Academy.


What is The Academy?

The Academy is a toddler mom’s roadmap to fun-filled, child-led activities. We make it to naptime each day using engaging activities that toddlers enjoy. Their enhanced communication skills from learning with purposeful play gives toddlers a leg up and provides them with the conversational skills they need to communicate well with you, Grandma, and their friends at the park. Now if better communication doesn’t make your day easier, I don’t know what will!


You’ll also transform toddler art into chic gifts, wow your friends with your latest STEM activity, and carve out a little extra time to put your feet up and relax, all while preparing your tot for kindergarten. Rest easy at night knowing that the next day is already planned and that you’re providing a premier in-home education for your little one. With activities created by a teacher and toddler mom, you know you’re getting quality, fun and educational activities that are achievable for modern toddlers and their moms.

Let’s Unfold the Sweet Details of How We Can Embark on an Exciting Educational Adventure Together:

  1. RSVP

Let me know you’re coming! After you’ve reserved your spot in The Academy, I’ll send you the supply list (basic stuff that you probably already have at home, plus a few other things) and an invitation to our exclusive hangout, The Academy Village. The fun officially begins on September 1st, when you get all the activities for September sent right to your inbox.


  1. The First Day and Beyond

First day jitters, anyone? Don’t be worried! We’re all in this together and I’ll be right there supporting you each and every day. Plus, you’ll have a proven system right at your fingertips to use as you please. What’s better than intentionally starting the month full of purpose and well-organized with plans for each day, knowing what to expect, having a support system, and going through your days with ease, grace and confidence?


Let’s talk about some specifics…


The Academy from Lessons and Learning for Littles (“The Academy”)

Investment: $19.97 per month


What You’ll Get (the tangible stuff):

Put some sparkle back into your day with The Academy’s daily activities, which take the guesswork out of deciding what to do each day while systematically teaching your toddler skills needed for success in kindergarten. This program is built to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control by giving you a step by step plan for each week.  As a member of this exclusive program, you’ll spend less time planning and more time having fun with your toddler, leaving you feeling calmer, more motivated, and secure with your decision to educate your toddler at home.


Each month, you’ll receive:

  1. Calendars for each week of the month, complete with activities, supplies needed, and instructions, all in one spot
  2. Themed activities include: reading, (pre)writing, math, science (STEM), fine arts (music, arts and crafts, dance/movement), and fine motor skills
  3. Bonus Seasonal/Holiday activities
  4. Suggested reading list of books that fit our monthly theme
  5. Alphabet Ideas (teaching your toddler the alphabet? Integrate that with the activities you’re already doing)
  6. Different “academic” skill focus each month to help prepare your toddler for kindergarten


You’ll also receive access to:

  • The Academy Library
  • Effective reading strategies to make the most of your reading time
  • Ways for teaching the alphabet
  • Strategies and games to teach your toddler how to count
  • Suggested activities for enhancing fine motor skills
  • Video library
  • Additional themed activities
  • The Academy Village, our exclusive online group for talking about all things related to teaching our toddlers, creating routines and systems, and anything else that makes momming a little easier. Use it as much or as little as you’d like!
  • Daily check ins
  • Easy and safe place to ask questions
  • Monthly virtual hangouts
  • Access to me and other like minded moms for guidance and support when you need it.

What Others are Saying...

Connie Deal is a brilliant, innovative teacher! She has experience in many grade levels. She has taken her educational expertise and applied it to age appropriate activities to stimulate young children. Watching Connie with her children and seeing their growth is amazing! Your children will love this!

Debra Back Retired 4th Gr. Teacher

This was easy for me to do, especially being super tired… Elijah loved tracing his foot and making “footprints” and comparing the prints to his actual foot…I got out a measuring tape and he loved using it to measure and compare to his feet (and mama’s feet!). He was able to understand that my foot was bigger and that we were measuring how long our feet were. I then had him count how many footprints we had and then counted how many it took to get from one side of the fireplace to the other. There were a couple of times when he got frustrated (when he was bored with the crayons) but I was able to adapt it pretty quickly, which was nice!

Thank you so much for putting this together for moms like me!
Connie is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. Her endless ideas have supplied my family with many future fun and easily doable activities! Connie is very approachable and it shows in her activity plans- the items she uses are often common household items, redefined. I always look forward to seeing her posts. She brings a new and exciting layer of life with kids!

Stacey Dimmler, toddler mom

She is a great mother and educator. She has so many talents that she is not even aware of! She did her best to teach children to be responsible for themselves and to be respectful for others and their belongs! It always bothered her when the boys and girls she taught were destructive even with their classroom. Connie took pride in setting up her classroom and did her best to make learning fun.

Connie makes learning fun for her children and others. She is very organized and likes things to go as planned, but if not has another plan in place before you know it! Her children don’t even realize they are learning. They just think they are playing! She is very creative and crafty.

- Yvonne, retired Instructional Assistant

Who is Connie?

Connie is the mom of two little ones and former classroom teacher, so she has a lot of experience with children of all ages. After she became a mom, Connie saw the struggles new toddler moms face, and it made the disconnect between the classroom and home all the more apparent.

Connie realized that toddler moms need a place to connect and that activities need to be easy to do at home. IT’s hard to help our toddlers learn when we’re not exactly sure what they need to learn or when, or how to teach it and  we have active and busy toddlers who struggle to sit down long enough to do an activity.

Toddler moms are busy and tired. And tired of being busy and not having time for the things they want to do, like spend quality time with their children. That’s what The Academy is for! The Academy is a complete at home approach to preparing toddlers for kindergarten. But, you won’t find workbooks and printables here! Children learn best through play, when they’re actively engaged in something interesting. Connie capitalizes on this and uses the natural curiosity of children to create play and discover based activities to help children learn at their own pace and in their own way.

Connie’s goal is to take the fear out of “teaching” children. As their moms, we are enough and we are fully capable of helping our little learners reach their full potential. But, we’re also busy. So, Connie keeps it simple with activities that don’t require a ton of special stuff or time to set up. Plus, as a mom of two under two, Connie understand the need for activities that can be done by more than one child and by children of different ages and abilities. The Academy takes the guesswork out of preparing your toddler for kindergarten!

What you won’t get


A plethora of printables. Worksheets are dull and boring. No one wants that! Instead, you’ll receive new activities each month to help your toddler learn, discover, imagine, and grow at his own pace. This also means most activities are screen-free. So, while a YouTube video could be used to enhance an activity, it won’t be the primary focus. Instead, you and your toddler will dive into a world of fun and excitement with different activities to try each day. The themes help tie everything together, allowing you to expand on the new ideas that your toddler is highly interested in.


A fancy set-up. Sorry, gals! Most moms I talk to are like me and don’t have time to set up fancy trays the night before. Instead, we’ll quickly gather supplies and get started on the fun a few minutes later. Easy, right? Much better that preparing activities after your little one goes to bed or spending nap time setting things up (but, you can if you want to. It’ll only take a few minutes and would be nice to see it all done and set up for the morning, if that’s more your style)!


There are two specific outcomes we’re focused on in this program:

  • Making your day easier by saving you time, money, and energy
  • Adding in an educational flair to your toddler’s activities so that he has fun learning and is more prepared for kindergarten.


The Fine Print

Click here for a list of skills and concepts your toddler will practice during The Academy. After all, it wouldn’t be The Academy if we didn’t have a plethora of highly regarded skills and concepts our toddlers were learning, right?

Terms and Conditions for The Academy can be found here. Please read them before joining The Academy.

  • moms who want to have fun doing activities with their toddlers
  • moms who want to teach their kids at home
  • moms who want to help prepare their little ones for kindergarten
  • moms who want to supplement what their child is learning at preschool/daycare
  • moms who want to raise independent children who can communicate well and are well-rounded for their age.
  • moms who could use a little help in the “knowing what to do” and “coming up with ideas” departments
  • moms who only have a short amount of time with their children each day, but want to make it QUALITY time.
  • you have it ALL figured out.
  • you have time to scour Pinterest and for starting Pinterest projects for your kids.
  • you aren’t ready to do activities with your children.
  • you who don’t need strategies to help your children become better communicators.
  • you are looking for a “quick fix.” Adding in activities to do WITH your children is a lifestyle choice, not a magic pill.
  • you don’t have 10-20 minutes to do an activity with your toddler (the frequency is up to you!).
  • you aren’t willing to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.
  • you want to print everything off and hand it to your toddler. This is NOT the program for you! Seriously, it’s not.
  • A step by step plan, so  you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more in control.
  • Strategies and solutions when you need them.
  • Supportive online community to help you navigate the toddler years.
  • More time for the things you enjoy.
  • Rest assured knowing your toddler is learning foundational skills needed for kindergarten.
  • Enjoy doing activities with your toddler again! Skip the guilt and overwhelm.
  • Have something to share with family or friends again! Shock them with all the fun stuff you and your toddler have been doing.
  • Skip the stress of wondering if you’re doing enough or the “right” things for your toddler. You are. You got this! 🙂
  • Discover new interests and learn new things as you do new activities with your toddler.
  • Enjoy and do more activities with your toddler.
  • Gain a greater insight and understanding of your toddler’s interests and abilities.
  • Learn new strategies for successfully doing activities with your toddler.
  • Spend more quality time with your toddler.
  • Deepen your connection and strengthen your bond with your child. This is key to a happy and healthy relationship later on!
  • Feel more confident trying new activities with your toddler.

What happens next?

After purchasing, you’ll receive an email from me with everything you need for accessing our private members only area.


If you don’t receive an email from me within 30 minutes, check your “spam”/”bulk” mail. Enrollment in The Academy is a monthly investment.

Connie is an amazing teacher as well as a parent. I’ve known her for many years and I am always learning from her. I currently work in a preschool class and will be teaching for the first time in a couple of months. I am quite nervous however, Watching her videos on activities with her Littles has helped with finding what questions to ask, what I may expect to answer as well as broadening my outlook on each activity. She comes up with multiple choices , structured and creative activities and also makes it practical for the parent as well as others who work with small children. Will definitely refer this page to all my mom friends! 🙂

- Amanda, Preschool Teacher for Special Needs Children and ABA Care Provider

Connie is dependable and well organized. She is an incredibly hard worker who cares deeply about teaching and childhood education. My son loves that she is a good listener and that she remembers his interests and talks to him in a way that makes him feel important. I enjoy collaborating with Connie on short and long term projects because I know that she is reliable, thorough, and that she will always come through with fun, age appropriate activities.

-Megan, teacher and mom of 2

Ready to free yourself from some of your "momming" duties and carve out some extra time for yourself because you're leaving the academic and activity details up to me?

Of course you are! Let's do this! 🙂

The Academy: $19.97 monthly investment*

*No contract. You can cancel at anytime.


Gift Amounts

Now go ahead and give yourself a round of applause for taking the next step for yourself and your toddler by investing in your futures with this highly effective program! Then, put your feet up and relax for a bit because next month is planned and it’s going to be amazing.


Email me! 


Not quite ready to take the plunge?

Stay in the know and receive free activities a few times a month!

Disclaimer: These activities are designed for educational purposes and to be used under direct supervision and guidance to meet your child’s needs.  By purchasing, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and release liability. assumes no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.

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