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Are you unsure…

Are you unsure of what to do with your toddler or preschool aged child(ren) all day?

Are you unsure about sending your child(ren) to daycare or unable to find a quality/affordable preschool?

Are you unsure of how to teach your toddler or keep him/her occupied with a new baby in the house?

I’m here to help. 🙂

Are you worried…

Are you worried that your child isn’t learning enough at home?

Are you worried that your little one is finding worksheets to be boring and uninteresting? Or maybe he/she seems bored and you wonder what to do with him/her?

Are you worried that you’re not doing enough with your child? Even if you only have a little bit of time after work?

We can work together to solve this. 🙂

Are you looking for or interested in…

Are you a stay-at-home parent in need of additional resources to help prepare your child for the rigors of kindergarten?

Are you looking for something to help prepare your child(ren) for school?

Are you interested in finding something for your childcare provider to do with your child(ren) all day?

Are you looking for activities beyond all the Pinterest stuff? Stuff that you can actually do at home?

I’ve got you covered. 🙂

If one or more of these questions resonated with you, you’ve come to the right place!

What is Lessons and Learning for Littles all about?

I’m all about preparing our littlest learners (approximately 1-5 years old) for their futures, including kindergarten and beyond. But, instead of taking a traditional school model and bringing it down to a lower/younger level, I approach learning through play. Why?

Simple! It’s a LOT more fun and engaging for both the children and adults, and because we learn better (and remember it!) when we discover things for ourselves instead of when we’re told something. Children are the same way.

Not sure? Take cooking for example. Think of a dish that you’re not familiar with cooking, maybe one that you choose when you go out to eat. If you can’t think of one, use one of these examples: consommé, soufflé, or macarons. Would it be easier for you to learn it…

– if you read a recipe once, maybe twice?
– if the chef briefly told you how it was made?
– if you watched the chef prepare it?
– if you went back and cooked WITH the chef?
– if the chef walked you through the steps of making it, but you did the work yourself?
– or, if you were provided with the recipe, ingredients and tools to prepare the food WHILE the chef was there to help you with anything you needed along the way, but you were allowed to attempt it on your own, but had assistance when you needed it?

My guess is that the last two ways would be the best way for you to learn how to cook, and, out of those two, the very last one- where you get to attempt it first, but you have the support of the experienced chef right there to help you as you need it, would be the way you’re most apt to remember how to prepare that unfamiliar dish. Children are no different. Why not start them off learning and discovering on their own so that they develop a deeper, conceptual understanding instead of memorizing stuff that’s meaningless to them and they’re more apt to forget or struggle with later?

Looking ahead…

My goal is for children to be prepared for more formal education (whether it’s in the more traditional classroom setting or through a home school program) and eventually become lifelong learners, but in order to do this, they need a solid foundation and should be active participants in their own education. Playful learning activities and learning through play will help them be actively involved in learning because they’re playing, having fun, and discovering on their own, so they’ll naturally be engaged longer and remember and build upon those experiences longer.

This also means having a well-rounded “program” that includes all subject areas and domains, not just the traditional reading, (pre)writing, and math. I design lessons and activities that build upon language and vocabulary development, fine motor skills, and vision skills by doing activities that also fall into the categories of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (and crafts), Math), music, and physical activity. Why? Life isn’t only about reading, writing, and math. Of course, those things help us, A LOT, but they’re not everything. We also need to know how to problem-solve, discuss with others, collaborate and work together, understand how things work, and so on. These are skills children need when in school as well as “the real world.”

Let’s get started and see what this is all about!

Meet Connie

Hi. My name is Connie Deal, and I believe that anyone can teach their toddler or preschool aged child, using mostly stuff we already have at home. I am a credentialed teacher turned stay-at-home mom of two children under 3. I’ve taken my experience teaching at risk students and seeing what worked best to help them learn, and turned it into something I can do at home with my two little ones. My passion is in education, as it’s the great equalizer in society. And, while I honestly thought I’d never be a stay-at-home (and now a work-from-home) mom, here I am, and I’m truly loving playing with my kids all day and seeing them learn and develop new skills and a deeper level of understanding.

I’d love to help you (or whoever spends a lot of time with your child(ren)) do the same thing at home- facilitate a love of learning for your child(ren) through playful learning activities. It doesn’t matter if you have all day with your child(ren) or just a little bit of time during the day, aren’t naturally a “teacher,” aren’t a “Pinterest” person, don’t know where to begin, are unschooling, homeschooling, sending your child to daycare or preschool. There are things you can do with your little one(s) just for fun (or with the intention of helping them learn something new). Let’s get started together! 🙂

Let’s get started!

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