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Knowing where to start with teaching children and helping them learn, what to do, and how to do it can be overwhelming, exhausting, and just tough! If you could use someone who’s been there, understands, and wants to help, you’ve come to the right place. I’d love to talk with you about your specific situation and your child(ren)’s needs and help you get started or get back on track. Choose from one of the packages below, and let’s get started!

Working with Little Ones

What do you get?

All calls are 45 minutes long. During this call, we will discuss what your #1 struggle is when it comes to teaching and helping your child(ren) learn at home. We will chat about a typical day for you and your child(ren). We will come up with a plan to help you make changes in small, attainable ways so that you can successfully integrate more learning and educational activities into your day.


What outcomes can you expect as a result of having a phone consultation with Connie?

After our phone call, you can expect to have a plan that is unique to you, your family, and your life. You will have a prioritized plan to help you get started or get back on track with helping your little ones learn at home.


What’s next?

Upon purchase, you will receive an email to schedule your call. Yay! 🙂

Phone Consultations

What Others are Saying about Connie

Connie is dependable and well organized. She is an incredibly hard worker who cares deeply about teaching and childhood education. My son loves that she is a good listener and that she remembers his interests and talks to him in a way that makes him feel important. I enjoy collaborating with Connie on short and long term projects because I know that she is reliable, thorough, and that she will always come through with fun, age appropriate activities.- Megan, credentialed teacher and mom of 2

Connie Deal is a brilliant, innovative teacher! She has experience in many grade levels. She has taken her educational expertise and applied it to age appropriate activities to stimulate young children. Watching Connie with her children and seeing their growth is amazing! Your children will love this!
Debra Back, Retired 4th Gr. Teacher

She is a great mother and educator. She has so many talents that she is not even aware of!  She did her best to teach children to be responsible for themselves and to be respectful for others and their belongs!  It always bothered her when the boys and girls she taught were destructive even with their classroom. Connie took pride in setting up her classroom and did her best to make learning fun.

Connie makes learning fun for her children and others. She is very organized and likes things to go as planned, but if not has another plan in place before you know it!  Her children don’t even realize they are learning. They just think they are playing!  She is very creative and crafty. – Yvonne, Retired Instructional Assistant, mom, and grandma



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