Tutoring, Mentoring, and Goal Setting

Tutoring, Mentoring, and Goal Setting

They say, “once a teacher, always a teacher.” And, it’s true. The thing I miss most about the classroom is my students, seeing their successes, and helping them when they struggled. Sometimes all it takes is someone else checking in with a child, or explaining a concept in a slightly different way to help give the extra push needed for success. As a credentialed teacher trained in the Common Core Standards, I  would be delighted to help your child reach his/her academic goals through remote/video tutoring, homework help, test preparation, or report card or progress report analysis and goal setting, etc. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? 🙂

What do you get?

All video calls are 45 minutes in length. Prior to your first call, you will receive a short questionnaire via email to fill out and send back to me to make sure we’re a good match for online tutoring/mentoring/goal setting. Video calls make it easier for students to ask questions, show me what they’re working on, and make it easier for me to work with them. During these calls, your child and I will work on whatever his/her primary struggle is first, followed by any secondary goals.


What outcomes can you expect as a result?

Tutoring and homework help: As a credentialed teacher working with your child one-on-one and helping with your child’s biggest academic struggles first, I usually see students learning academic concepts quicker and catching up on missing assignments and standards/learning objectives that they’re behind on or struggling with. For children who need enrichment or to be challenged, we set goals and work toward achieving them.

Mentoring and Goal Setting: As a teacher, I often saw parents struggle to keep up with their children’s homework, assignments, tests, extra curricular activities and practices, and so on. Sometimes, even the most dedicated, willing, and capable parents were embarrassed to admit that they struggled to help their child, simply because their work schedule didn’t make it easy, or because they were the parent (and sometimes that just doesn’t go well with helping with school work, regardless of how bad we may want it to). That’s where I come in! Together (parent(s), child, and me), we can create a plan to that will help your child have what he/she needs to complete homework and other assignments at home in order to be successful in school. Maybe it’s an after school plan/agenda. Maybe your child needs help with setting and achieving goals. Maybe it’s some help with study habits or getting and staying organized. Or, did your child receive a progress report or report card that you’re not pleased with? Let’s discuss it and come up with a plan to get your child  back on track!


What happens next?

Please contact me to see if I have spots available and, if so, to receive my questionnaire to make sure we’re a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂