4 Items Every Baby Needs

When we’re knee-deep in toddler and preschooler-hood, it can be hard to remember what exactly we needed when our little ones were newborns. And, when we have another baby, it often means having a lot MORE stuff around, so going back to basics for Baby is even more essential.


In this guest post, Rachel, a NICU mom of an adorable little girl, shares the top 4 items every baby needs. You can find her at Wish Momma Told Me, where she shares her experiences as a NICU mom and offers tons of useful advice for new moms.

It can be difficult to know what to buy a new mom or what gift to get for a baby shower. Here are 4 key items that every baby needs.

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Hey ladies!

This is going to be a short article because there really are only 4 toys you need for kiddo. And as we all know, there are TONS of loong lists out there about all the toys you can get your children.

And while most of them are pretty good, most of the toys on those lists aren’t really needed. (Not to mention that they’re overwhelming for new moms!)

So what’s on the toy list when you ask “Just what does my kiddo need?”

I have found that these four things have been perfect for my daughter. I have many other toys to offer her, but these are the only ones that got mileage her first six months!

Start with Four Baby Toys

First Toys for Baby: Minimalist Moms

Play Mat

If there were only one thing on this list, a playmat would be it. I purchased a Tiny Love Deluxe Playmat because I wanted some help developing Emm’s sensory responses. This has lights, music, toys hanging like on a mobile, and lots and lots of colors! It has been perfect. This toy is her absolute favorite and I would not purchase another playmat if I had the chance. She has developed a lot of leg strength too, because kicking the mat plays music! 🙂

First Toys for Baby: Minimalist Moms


Rockers are indispensable for getting your kiddo to calm down when they still want to be entertained. I use the MamaRoo for this, and it has been amazing! The MamaRoo is an automatic rocker for babies that also has a mobile over it. For those times that Emm was too rambunctious to go to sleep (but desperately needed to), I could just buckle her in and let her play. The mobile is simple enough not to stimulate kiddos too much, but enough to keep them distracted. Add in the rocking motion and she falls asleep very quickly!

First Toys for Baby: Minimalist Moms


Technically this one is for when your kiddos can grab things independently, but hey it’s fun for moms too 🙂 The OBall is about the perfect size for little fingers to grab onto and it will not injure them if they pull it to their face. There’s no sharp edges! Some even come with rattles to help add interest.

Personally, I loved playing with the OBall, rolling it toward my daughter before she could grab. It’s fun for both of us!

First Toys for Baby: Minimalist Moms

Stuffed Animal

My daughter is a cuddler that loves soft textures. Enter teddy bears! Emm would grab the soft fur and play with it, and I’d even get a few smiles. I recommend one of these because it is another relaxing toy for your kiddo to use when they need to calm down.

What do you think? Did I cover the baby toy basics? Let me know in the comments below!

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