Boredom Buster, Energy Eraser Activity

Nothing fancy or “Pinterest Perfect” here!

Getting cabin fever? Need something active, but easy for your kiddos to get some energy out? Try a game!

If you don’t have craft sticks, use paper. It need to be usable, not fancy. Kids don’t care about fancy or “Pinterest Perfect.” They are happy that it’s done and they get to play. So, use what you have. Write things your kids can do on the paper/craft sticks, grab a die (dice) from a board game (or write the numbers on different pieces of papers and draw those too), and start playing!

To play: roll the die. That’s the number of times you do the activity on the craft stick/paper. Put the craft stick/activity back in the pile/cup and choose another one and roll the die again. Everyone can do the activity or you can take turns. Make it work for you!

I called this one a Superhero Workout because it’s for a boy who loves superheroes, but you can call it whatever you want. Notice my fancy packaging? Ziploc bag with directions on an index card. Nothing fancy or “Pinterest Perfect” here!

Looking for a printable version that you can just print, cut, and play? Try The ___ Workout from Lessons and Learning for Littles, a FREE downloadable PDF.