Christmas Crafts and Activities for Children

Christmas crafts and activities don't have to be complicated to be fun! Click through to see easy crafts and gifts you can make with your toddler or preschooler! #Christmascrafts #toddlerChristmas #holidays2017What a wonderful and magical time of year! There’s so much to do and see and our kids are only this age once, so we have to do everything, right? No. No, we don’t. But, if you’re looking for some activities that you can do with toddlers, check out these activities. But, if you’re looking for picture perfect, you won’t find it here. These are activities and crafts done by my kids. They capture the beauty of their current ages (just turned 2 and rapidly approaching 4 years old). These activities are a snapshot in time, and each one was made with love and enthusiasm. My kids had fun doing the activities, and doing them THEIR way, not mine. And, that’s the beauty of it.  So, what have they been up to?


Find out below!

Day 19: Family Walk & Scavenger Hunt


Day 18: DIY Ornament Bar


Day 17: Holiday Movies Night


Day 16: DIY Chargers


Day 15: Personalized Kitchen Gear (gifts that last the year!)


Day 14: Holiday STEM Activity (2 ingredients!)


Day 13: Hot Chocolate Bar & Melting Snow/Ice


Day 12: Super Easy Wooden Ornaments


Day 11: Snowman STEM


Day 10: EASY Painted Glass Ornaments


Day 9: Patterned Wreaths


Day 8: Getting Creative with Cards


Day 7: Waffle cone Christmas Trees 


Day 6: Super Amazing and Easy Set-up


Day 5: Cookie Cutter Week- Salt Dough Ornaments


Day 4: Beaded Ornaments


Day 3: Pinecone Christmas Trees 


Day 2: Cookie Decorating


Day 1: Christmas Countdown