15 Things to do with Easter Eggs (besides finding them!)

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Easter is almost here, and there’s a lot more we can do with eggs than “just” find them! Here are some other things to do with the eggs:

1. Match them (same color/design, same part of the egg, same size).

2. Stack them (and knock them over).

3. Sort them (different shades of blue can all go together, for example)

4. Use them as scoops (sand, beans, water, etc).

5. Explore the concept of size and see what fits inside them.

6. Find them

Plastic bin used for tossing eggs into. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy to be fun!

7. Toss them in a basket

8. Make patterns

9. Count them

10. Explore sound by putting different things inside and shaking them. What kind sounds do you get? Make your own song!

11. Talk about shades (lighter/darker purple, for example).

12. Put them in their corresponding colored bins/baskets.

13. Paint with them (dip the open end in paint to make circles OR roll the eggs in paint).

14. Put different items in them and listen to the sounds made. Make it a guessing game!

15. Write on one half and match it with the other half. Ideas: numbers and corresponding number of dots (1 on one part of the egg, * on the other part). Upper case letter on one part of the egg, lower case letter on the other part of the egg. Match them up. Shapes would work too. If your child is reading, you could make words out of the eggs. For example, write “at” on the larger half of an egg. Then, put “b” on another egg, a “c” on one, etc (or the same egg, but space the letters out so that you can spin the egg and get different words).

What are you doing with your Easter eggs, besides looking for them? 🙂

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