Frozen FunPart 2

A little more Frozen Fun…


Ice is something we often overlook as something for our babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to play with and have fun with. But, it’s actually quite fun for them to play with. It’s a great sensory experience (temperature and how things feel) and it’s taste-safe.

Ice play for toddlers is a great sensory activity. Ice play is an easy preschool sensory activity as well.  Taste safe sensory activity for babies too!

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We’ve been playing with ice since the kids were babies, sitting up by themselves. So, while this is a familiar activity to them, they still enjoy just the basics, which is simply playing with the ice. But, we’ve discovered a few more things to do with ice to extend the fun.


  1. Add dish soap. Freeze it. Compare it to regular frozen water. Try to freeze the bubbles!
  2. Add liquid water colors or food coloring. Use it to paint (you can also freeze paint).
  3. Melt the ice with water in a dropper. Use colored water (see #2).
  4. Melt the ice with salt. This is also a great way to bind the ice cubes together for building. Talk about what happens as the salt dissolves and the ice melts.
  5. Compare the difference between melting ice with water and with salt. Which is quicker? Easier for building?
  6. Combine the salt and the colored water. What happens?
  7. Freeze small toys or trinkets in the ice. Have your little one excavate them. This is a great way to incorporate a theme into this activity if you’re doing a specific theme with your little ones.
  8. Ask your little one what he/she wants to do! We put our ice back in the freezer after playing with it for 45 minutes and used it the next day.

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Don’t worry! There’s more fun to be had with ice, which is why it’s part of the Summer Survival Series!

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