Getting off the Struggle Bus

Momming is hard. But, we can make it easier with schedules and routines created especially for you, your family, and your unique lifestyle. Find out more about this FREE program from Lessons and Learning for Littles at

Motherhood can be challenging. Anyone who tells you differently is probably lying. Or, maybe they’re rich and famous and have assistants for everything. But, for the rest of us, some days are easy and some days being a mom is the toughest job on the planet.


During those particularly challenging times, what are we to do?

How do we cope and keep going, especially when the last thing we want to do is crawl back into bed?

(Which usually isn’t very fun with toddlers kicking us in the face and stealing all the covers… why bother sleeping in, right?)


Routines. Routines and schedules.

Routines and schedules, having systems already in place, will help you cope and get through tough times or rough days.


What? Not quite the answer you were expecting? Hear me out…


Routines and schedules create predictability. They help everyone know what to do, when, and how. So, when things are tough, you’re sick or out of town, life’s extra busy, or something’s just “off,” routines and schedules allow you to go through the motions without thinking about it as much.


You’re already using routines…

You probably have a certain way you get ready for your day. It’s probably not the same as it was before becoming a parent, but you have certain things you always do, certain things you do if you’re leaving the house, and somethings that are only reserved for special occasions (and maybe leaving the house qualifies).

For example, if we’re going to the gym after breakfast, I brush my teeth, wash my face, usually run a brush through my hair before putting it up in a ponytail or messy “bun,” and get dressed. If we’re meeting friends at the park, I might do the same, or I might take the time to shower, and if I have time, throw on a little make-up or blow dry my hair. Family outing on a weekend? I’ve been known to sneak off upstairs to take a shower by myself and do my hair and make-up alone, and in peace and quiet. But, the point is, that the basics stay the same (brushing teeth, washing face, changing out of my pajamas or whatever I wore to bed). Your bare minimums might be different than mine, but subconsciously, you have your own routine that you do each morning.


Children need routines too

Our children are no different. They need routines too. But, the world is new to them and they’re learning how it works and how they fit into the world around them. So, they need help creating and following routines and schedules. This helps bring about predictability, helps them be more independent and able to do more for themselves. It also puts a “third party” in there, which means that when we remind our children what they’re supposed to be doing, and refer to the schedule or routine in place, it’s harder to argue with us because it’s written down, and it’s clear what needs to be done. As children get older, they’ll naturally be more able to do things on their own, and having schedules and routines in place only helps.

Routines and schedules can make or break a toddler mom's day. Learn how to fine-tune your routines, schedules, and systems and create routines and schedules that actually work for you and your family in this FREE online program from Lessons and Learning for Littles. #toddlerroutine #toddlerschedule #mom #timesavinghacks #newyearresolutions

Sometimes the days are a blur…

Momming is hard. We go through periods when the days seem to blur together and before we realize it, it’s {insert season/holiday/whatever here}. We’re made to believe that being a mom should be easy. That we shouldn’t complain and should be able to do it all, and anything less than that is failing.

That’s simply not true, folks!


But, it doesn’t change the demands on us, or the desire to do more and be the best we can be for our kids and our families. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. And, I know there’s been times you’ve looked at the clock and wondered, “how is it ALREADY ___o’clock?!” But, there’s also been times where everything is going wrong or it’s all a struggle and you glance at your phone, only to see that it’s ONLY been 5 minutes since the last time you checked and you’re still hours away from nap time.


Schedules and routines, having systems and procedures in place, really helped me in the classroom. It didn’t matter if I was teaching 4th graders or middle schoolers, summer school or the whole school year. They helped. A LOT.  It was easier for me and for substitute teachers when we had clear routines and schedules in place. I’ve found the same to be true at home. As the kids have gotten older, our schedules have evolved and our routines have changed a bit, but the foundations are in place. And, that makes it easier, day in and day it. It also allows me to work from home, teach the kids, run the household, and do so much more. So, my answer to getting out of survival mode and off the struggle bus? Routines and schedules. 🙂


A solution!

A new year is a great time for resolutions. We’re inundated with them and surrounded by them. I don’t believe that you need to wait until it’s a new year to have a new beginning or a fresh start. We can do that anytime, any week, any day, any month. Or, the beginning of the year. It is kinda nice to totally wipe the slate clean and start fresh, isn’t it?

Slay the day! Create routines and schedules to carve out time for yourself, help your children listen better, and make your days go more smoothly. #toddlerschedule #toddlerroutine #workingmom #mommyblogger

Have you noticed that when we try to implement new things, whether it’s a new routine or schedule, or something else, we often fail because we don’t have the support we need and we may not know exactly how to make our changes work?


That’s why I created the #RoutineQueen2018 program. It’s designed to help you create (or fine-tune) routines and schedules so that you can get more done, have more fun, work from home, do more activities with your little ones, carve out some time for you, feel less stressed, get out of survival mode, handle transitions with ease, and much more. Find out more about the FREE program here. We start January 8th, so register today to reserve your spot.


If you’d like to automate your day a bit and make life easier for you and your family, join us in the #RoutineQueen2018 program. You’ll learn the strategies I use and my proven system for adding order, regaining control, and accomplishing more during your day. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so why not make the most of them? And, the program is FREE, so why not?

Routines and schedules can make or break a toddler mom's day. Learn how to fine-tune your routines, schedules, and systems and create routines and schedules that actually work for you and your family in this FREE online program from Lessons and Learning for Littles. #toddlerroutine #toddlerschedule #mom #timesavinghacks #newyearresolutions

How do schedules and routines help you?

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