Learning at Home, inspired by The Academy

Quick, easy, and child-centered toddler activities for preschool at home, tot school, and homeschool preschool. Great for busy moms and families! Click through for more information.You’ve heard of The Academy, right?


(If not, check it out here.)


Inspired by The Academy is Learning at Home, an ebook designed for busy parents who want to do more with their toddlers and preschoolers, but might not have the time to find and plan activities, making it a must have for busy parents.


Since it’s a complete program, packed full of fun learning activities that are sure to help you make memories with your children while helping them learn at home, Learning at Home is perfect for parents who want to skip sending their children to preschool. It also works for parents who just want a little more structure or want easy activities to do with their toddlers and preschoolers. After all, it’s more fun to be actually DOING something with your little one than searching for activities to do!


Benefits of Learning at Home include: 

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Connie Deal

I'm the mom of two little ones (3yo and 1.5yo), and 3 dogs. I'm a former classroom teacher turned SAHM, so I spend my day "doing activities" and science 'speriments in between mediating sibling squabbles and working during nap time. I'm powered by caffeine (not coffee!), and I love helping others, especially fellow mom and their toddlers. Together, we can achieve great things AND prepare your toddler for kindergarten!
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