Spring has Sprung Scavenger Hunt

Spring is a great time to get outside and do a little nature walk! We grabbed some magnifying glasses, treasure buckets (any container will do), a list of things to look for, and some friends and set out on a walk to see what we could find.

While it was simple, it was a great activity for the kids. Buddy Boy (17 months) was the youngest participant, and perhaps our most attentive. We also had a 2.5yo, 3 yo, and 5.5yo doing the activity. We essentially used the Spring has Sprung Scavenger Hunt from Lessons and Learning for Littles as a guide for us to ask the kids what they saw, as then us adults didn’t have to come up with things on our own (even though we still did). As an added bonus, the 2.5yo and 3yo were looking for bugs at the park a few days later, which was neat to see!

Some additional questions to ask your little ones to help them with their discoveries:

  1. What do you hear?
  2. What do you smell?
  3. How does that feel? How does it compare to how this feels? (tree trunk vs branch, for example)
  4. What sound does that make when you step on it/move it/whatever? (example: rocks vs grass vs dirt vs sticks…)
  5. How are these ____ (leaves, sticks, trees, rocks, etc) similar to these ones? How are they different?
  6. Let’s take a moment and look for everything that’s ____ (specific color, size, shape, etc.).
  7. What interests you the most? What is the least interesting? Why?
  8. At the end, or as you’re leaving…
    1. What did you enjoy the most?
    2. What did you learn?
    3. What did we do?
    4. What are three things you found…


Don’t forget the Spring has Sprung Scavenger Hunt from Lessons and Learning for Littles!

Have fun exploring! 🙂