Thriving in a New Decade

A Decade of Lessons 

#momlife is hard, but it is possible to get out of survival mode and start thriving. Find out how in this post from #lessonsandlearningforlittles and #newyear #goals #newyearresolutions

When I look back on the last decade, it’s clear that it was full of change, as most decades probably are. 

  • I got engaged, married, and divorced.
  • We bought a house. Bought another house. 
  • We bought my first ever brand spankin’ new vehicle.
  • We made it to Europe and the Caribbean (bucket list!).
  • I went on solo and girls’ trips. 
  • I had babies. I lost a baby. 
  • I trusted my gut when I believed doctors were wrong and advocated for and fought for my kids (if you’ve never had to do that, you have no idea how hard that red tape and mental load are). And I did it again and again. 
  • We fostered pit-bulls, adopted a pittie, and watched two fur-babies pass away. 
  • I traveled a lot with the kids- both by ourselves and with others; road trips and flights. 
  • I helped my grandma move. Twice. 
  • I left my career and started a business. 
  • I learned to thrive on my own again, this time with 2 kids in addition to the two dogs. 
  • I found love again. He came with two kids. 

I’ve been through more than some people my age and through far less than others. This isn’t about comparison though. 

And, if I’m being incredibly honest, which I always am, I’m not sharing my whole story, so you’re getting the highly edited version. 

All the trials and tribulations aren’t really everyone’s business but mine and the people who experienced them with me. I don’t believe in posting things for the sake of hurting others or getting sympathy, that I don’t want my children to see one day (I’d rather tell them myself), or that could be harmful to anyone. So, you won’t be getting that from me. 

This is about reflecting and learning from the past, as we’re not the same people we were 10 years ago. Some of us were moms, some weren’t. Some still aren’t and want to be. Everyone’s journey is their own, but one thing is the same. We’ve all changed a lot in the last decade. 

And, in looking back over the last 10 years, and reminiscing about the good times and learning from the bad times, it’s clear that the sad truth is that not everyone we start this next decade with will end it with us. 

So, we need to treasure the moments because that’s all we have. 

We need to make sure we spend quality time with those we love and care about, and focus on making memories with the people in front of us, not those we interact with through our phones (unless the people we love live far away, in which case we need to use our phones to stay in contact).

Our children deserve better than parents who are too busy for them. They deserve parents who spend quality time with them, as that’s what they’ll remember when they’re older. They’ll remember making a fort on a rainy day, sleeping in a tent in the backyard, the gingerbread house that wouldn’t stand up, bike rides and taking the dogs along on a scavenger hunt. It doesn’t need to be fancy to be fun! 

This year, I challenge you to be more present.

  • Be more purposeful and intentional.
  • Have more fun with your family.
  • Spend less time with your phone in your hands and more time with your arms wrapped around your children.
  • Let your guard down and step outside your comfort zone.
  • Do whatever it is that your family craves so that you cherish these moments with your children and spend quality time making memories. 

Your children are only this young once. This is a season. Maybe it’s an easy one and life has been smooth sailing. Maybe it’s a bit more challenging and you can’t wait for it to be over. Whatever the case (and either is perfectly normal!), do your best to find something enjoyable and memorable in each day because it won’t be like this forever. 

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What are you going to do to make this year your best year yet? 

(Find out what my biggest lessons from the last decade were and what my goal is for 2020 in this post.)

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Let’s make 2020 your best year yet!

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