Moms Share All! Tips for Squeezing Exercise into Your Day

What’s the easiest way to fit exercise into our day?

How do toddler moms fit exercise into their day? Find out how REAL toddler moms find and make time for exercise.

Our kids are always watching and learning from us. It’s hard enough to be a mom these days from the pressure to be Pinterest Perfect to the  “get your body back after baby,” idea that we really don’t need one more thing to worry about. I can’t imagine what life will be like for Sweet Pea when she’s older. So, I want to make sure that we do the best we can to start her off on the right foot.


Part of that is incorporating exercise into our day. We brush our teeth daily to take care of them, so why shouldn’t we move our bodies daily to take care of our bodies?


I want my kids to see exercise as something we do just because we want to and should, not something we have to do because someone or society tells us we do. It’s not a punishment. And, it’s about being healthy and strong, not as thin as possible.


But, being a mom is hard.  And, it’s hard to find time for ourselves, sometimes for some of the other basics like washing our hair or not wearing the same eye make up we had on two days ago. So, how are we supposed to find time or make time for a whole workout?


Since that’s not always possible, and I’m always looking for ways to get more done, multitask, or be more efficient, I decided to ask everyday moms how they squeeze exercise into their day.

Here’s the advice they had: 


“I made an effort to do deep squats every time I pick up or play with the baby and now it’s just second nature. They really add up throughout the day!” – Kande


“Every day, I do 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and 100 Ab exercises. I do 50 of each in the morning and 50 of each at night, or sets of 25 throughout the day. Whatever it takes to fit in that hundred, I make it happen.I always throw in some jump squats, mountain climbers, Burpee’s, or any other Power move while I’m cooking dinner. I also have a ton of free workouts on my website that are perfect to get a 10 minute sweat in. Here is my favorite nap time work out”-  Jenna of FIT with Jenna DeCicco (Facebook).

Quick and easy mom workout. IF you have 10 minutes, this is a great workout to do from FIT with Jenna DeCicco.

I do an exercise while brushing my teeth. Either squats and balance depending on what my focus is on.” – Janet


“Doing squats every time I go to the bathroom.

Anytime I have to bend over to pick up toys, I do squats.

At the playground, do lunges while you watch your kids play, use the sidewalk to do steps.” – Beth


“Dump them in the playroom at the gym! Plant a big vegetable garden. Lots of manual labor for mom and good exposure and learning for the kids.” – Elizabeth


This bike* that hides behind my front door. It can be rolled out in a matter of seconds. [My 6 year old] is almost tall enough to ride it too.” – Megan


“Walk around the playground as the kids play.” – Lynn


I use a mat when exercising so I put an extra mat/blanket down for each and we do it together. I believe it teaches them to follow directions and different movements. I do keep in mind different exercises that may not fit for them.” – Jennifer


Kathleen of Just Keep it Simple Fitness shared this great workout that she does with her son.

Mommy and me workouts are a great way to get in excise when you have babies around. More at Just Keep it Simple Fitness.

There are MORE great workouts on her site, including this upper body one, perfect for tank top arms. 🙂


Great advice, right?

I LOVE these ideas and they’re certainly doable and worth trying.


Here are some of the ways I sneak exercise into my day:

  • Walk in place while doing the dishes or something else monotonous and stationary (cooking? chopping veggies?).
  • Use the kids’ step stool in the bathroom during bath time and do steps/walk in place with it.
  • Use the equipment at the park. Maybe it’s walking around the bark box, doing step ups on the stairs, push ups, or even just stretching or walking in place while watching the kids play or doing pushing them on the swings.
  • Plank while reading books. Stretching works too.
  • Take the steps two at a time when going upstairs.
  • Jump up the stairs instead of walking (don’t let the kids copy though!).
  • We do obstacle courses together and play games of tag.
  • Instead of walking in place while doing the dishes, try leg lifts and other leg exercises.
  • Wall sits
  • Dancing with the kids and adding in squats or something else “fun” for them.
  • Letting them be my weights or resistance for body weight exercises.

Truthfully though, my ultimate favorite is escaping to the gym by myself after my husband gets home. Throwing in some earbuds and getting lost in my own world can do wonders for my mind and my body!


And, let’s not forget walking! Stroller walks are great as is window shopping. Or, squeeze in extra steps by parking further from the store.


What’s your tip for squeezing exercise into your day?

Join the discussion! 


Thank you, Fit Mom Strong Mom Ambassadors and Lessons and Learning for Littles Moms for your input!


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