Toddlers Should go “Back to School” for a Brighter Future

What does “back to school” mean to you?

Teaching toddlers is easier than it might seem! Find out 6 ways to use workbooks, PLUS alternatives to it and more fun ways to learn at home.

If you have school-aged children, it means one thing, but even for those of us with littles who aren’t old enough for school yet, it has meaning. We remember going back to school, it signals a change of the seasons, and a new beginning.


For toddler moms, it might raise the question of what we’re doing with our children and how we’re going to educate them. Do we need to send them to preschool? If so, what kind? Can we go against the grain and teach our toddlers at home?






But, going against the norm and teaching our children ourselves raises a lot of issues and doubts. People question that decision (even for me, a teacher!). We have to come up with activities and make sure that our kids will be ready for kindergarten. That’s a LOT of work and a LOT of pressure, which might lead to self-doubt.


That’s where I come in! I’ve spent the last few years talking with moms who want to help their toddlers learn at home, but they’re not sure how or where to start… Questions like: 

  1. How do I teach her the letters?
  2. My child is bored. What can I do to help him not be bored?
  3. I want to do more activities like you do, but I don’t know where to start.
  4. My son seems interested in colors. How can I help him learn them?
  5. There’s nothing for 1 year olds! What can we do until he’s old enough to learn?
  6. What worksheets do you recommend to teach counting/the alphabet/colors/whatever?


Waaaait! What!? Not old enough to learn!? Worksheets!?


For a toddler? No. Back that train up. While common and easy to obtain, worksheets were the least effective teaching  “method” in the classroom, with children who were older and could write their own names as well as count, so it’s certainly not something I’d use for a toddler.


Children are naturally curious. They want to learn. They want to know about the world around them. It’s our job to help them!


You can unlock your toddler’s potential and explore an exciting new world of possibilities by guiding your child with learning through purposeful play. Play is learning and play is something children do naturally. Capitalize on that and incorporate learning into your day through child-led purposeful play.


While you’re setting the stage for your toddler’s future academic success, you’ll be rewarded with Kodak moments and fun memories, and a toddler who can communicate better, putting you and your toddler ahead of the game. How awesome would it be to know that while you’re having fun making memories with your toddler, you’re also helping her build the foundational skills she needs for success in life?


Pretty nice, right? Multi-tasking at its finest, which is key because toddler moms are tired and busy. It seems as though moms are busier and more overwhelmed than ever. And, research suggests that as well, with 70% of Americans saying that moms today have a more difficult job than mothers did 20-30 years ago, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Yikes!


So, what’s a busy toddler mom to do?


Use The Academy from Lessons and Learning for Littles!

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And, mommas, if you’re using worksheets to teach your little one, I get it. It’s easier for you and it’s readily available. Plus, toddlers usually like to play with markers and crayons, so there’s that too. Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of those preschool workbook pages and making them fun:

  1. Make it a game.
  2. Follow your child’s lead.
  3. Be kind, not overly critical.
  4. Meet your child where she’s at.
  5. Use it for “on the go,” or “out and about” (waiting rooms, restaurants, etc.).
  6. Present it as a reward.