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About Connie Deal

I'm the mom of two little ones (3yo and 1.5yo), and 3 dogs. I'm a former classroom teacher turned SAHM, so I spend my day "doing activities" and science 'speriments in between mediating sibling squabbles and working during nap time. I'm powered by caffeine (not coffee!), and I love helping others, especially fellow mom and their toddlers. Together, we can achieve great things AND prepare your toddler for kindergarten!

What's the best way to pack a suitcase and make sure you take the right stuff for the trip? How do you know if you've packed enough, but not too much? Learn my simple 5 step packing system to be prepared for your next #familytrip! #familytravel #toddlermom #travelingwithkids #summervacation #winterbreak

How to Pack for a Family Trip

Have you ever thought, “Yay! I’ve booked my vacation. Buuuut, traveling with little kids sounds like work. Where do we begin? What do we need? How do we actually enjoy our vacation??”   First, relax. Take a deep breath and picture all the fun you’ll have on your trip. Then, […]