Simple Summer Science for Toddlers

Wondering what to do with your toddler all summer?


Simple science activities for toddlers that you can set up in 3 minutes or less. Toddler science is a great way to build language skills, incorporate sensory play, and have fun learning. Quick and easy activities for preschoolers too!

Are you tired of feeling like you should be doing SOMETHING with your toddler, but you’re not sure what to do or how to find the time to do it?

Try Simple Summer Science! (click here!)

Get started right NOW with these simple, but fun science-based activities

  • Go on a nature walk. Talk about what you hear, smell, and see.
  • Go to the park. Look around for signs of animals. Don’t forget to examine the plants at the park!
  • Test out velocity (speed) by rolling different toy vehicles or balls down slides at the park.
  • Drop balls off the play structure at the park. Count how many bounces you get out of each ball. Bonus: make predictions (guesses) BEFORE dropping the balls!
  • Gather up water suitable toys. Test which ones sink and which ones float. Bonus: wash the toys. They’re wet anyway, so why not?
  • Baking soda + vinegar = lots of fun! Remember the old volcano experiment from science class? Do it with your toddler. Experiment with different amounts of vinegar and baking soda or add food coloring.
  • Frozen Fun Part 1
  • Frozen Fun Part 2
  • Will it Grow?
  • What dissolves? Use various liquids and powders from your kitchen and see what happens.
  • Try mixing corn starch and water. Small amounts at first and gradually add more as you go.

Looking for MORE science-based fun, tailored to your little one?

Try the Simple Summer Science Series!

  • FREE science-based activities for your toddler or preschooler. 
  • Activities come in 3 tiers. Choose the one that’s right for your 1-3 year old.
  • “Simple” means not a lot of set up time for you and no fancy supplies needed. Use what you have at home!
  • No science or teaching background needed! YOU are enough! 🙂

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What do I have to do? 

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What others are saying about Connie

“Connie is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. Her endless ideas have supplied my family with many future fun and easily doable activities! Connie is very approachable and it shows in her activity plans- the items she uses are often common household items, redefined. I always look forward to seeing her posts. She brings a new and exciting layer of life with kids!”– Stacey, toddler mom and small business owner


“Connie Deal is a brilliant, innovative teacher! She has experience in many grade levels. She has taken her educational expertise and applied it to age appropriate activities to stimulate young children. Watching Connie with her children and seeing their growth is amazing! Your children will love this!”- Debra Back, Retired 4th Gr. Teacher


“Connie is dependable and well organized. She is an incredibly hard worker who cares deeply about teaching and childhood education. My son loves that she is a good listener and that she remembers his interests and talks to him in a way that makes him feel important. I enjoy collaborating with Connie on short and long term projects because I know that she is reliable, thorough, and that she will always come through with fun, age appropriate activities.”– Megan, credentialed teacher and mom of 2


“She is a great mother and educator. She has so many talents that she is not even aware of!  She did her best to teach children to be responsible for themselves and to be respectful for others and their belongs!  It always bothered her when the boys and girls she taught were destructive even with their classroom. Connie took pride in setting up her classroom and did her best to make learning fun. Connie makes learning fun for her children and others. She is very organized and likes things to go as planned, but if not has another plan in place before you know it!  Her children don’t even realize they are learning. They just think they are playing!  She is very creative and crafty.” – Yvonne, Retired Instructional Assistant, mom, and grandma


“Connie is an amazing teacher as well as a parent. I’ve known her for many years and I am always learning from her. I currently work in a preschool class and will be teaching for the first time in a couple of months. I am quite nervous, however, Watching her videos on activities with her Littles has helped with finding what questions to ask, what I may expect to answer as well as broadening my outlook on each activity. She comes up with multiple choices, structured and creative activities and also makes it practical for the parent as well as others who work with small children. Will definitely refer this page to all my mom friends! – Amanda, Paraprofessional for special needs preschoolers, A.B.A. and Respite Care Provider


Who is Connie?

Hi! I’m Connie, a mom of two little ones and former classroom teacher. I founded Lessons and Learning for Littles to help other parents teach their little ones at home, using simple activities that allow children to learn through play and discovery-based activities. I have a passion for making learning fun and for helping others. My goal is to take the fear out of “teaching” children while making it less work for parents and caregivers to figure out and set up activities for their kids. I love activities that can be done at home to help children learn in an authentic way, not through apps and screens, that don’t require a lot of special stuff, tons of set up time and can be done with more than one child. Oh, and I’m about keeping it simple and making it as easy as possible. 😉 If you’re ready to learn from a teacher how to help your little one learn at home, without the use of fancy gadgets or screen time (or tons of “Pinterest” steps), then this series is for you! You owe it to yourself and your child(ren) to make memories together, by doing fun activities together instead of doing the same old stuff this summer. Make it the summer of fun!


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Summer activities for toddlers and preschoolers plus free guidance and support from a credentialed teacher to help you teach your child over the summer and prevent the summer slide.